Spot welding for indoor products and 6-axis welding robots for sustainable quality of IP protection. Welding robots with integrated torch cable system. Arc sensors detect deviation of welding current.

Plastic Injection Unit

Cem brand products contain many plastic parts and have housings produced in own facilities with the latest technology and raw  materials considering endurance, mechanical impact and electrical resistance.

Total capacity  of   5350 tons.

13 machines starting from 130 tons up to 850 tons

All machines have integration of six-axis robots to secure process time and production quality.

Cemdag use high quality materials like PC, PMMA, PBT, PP, ABS, PA from the proven manufacturers.

Metal Processing

A full production unit for sheet metal housings and reflector production.

Punching /Bending /Shearing

Eccentric press capacity 720 tons

Hydraulic press capacity 1388 tons

Lamination press capacity 185 tons

Pneumatic press  machines  and asymmetrical plate roller machines.

Powder Painting


Length of 120 meters.

Fully automated spray guns in painting stage.

4 stages unit; preparation, drying, painting, burning.

Products are passing through a furnace at a temperature of about 280’C in burning stage.

De-ionizing technology: no hazardous chemicals used in the preparation stage. Green technology.

Bonderite formulation system in the pre-treatment process

Anti-microbial paintings for hygiene products.


Vacuum Metalization Unit

Cemdag has 2 vacuum metallization unit, which can be used on glass, plastic and metal parts, especially to optimize the reflector and lens qualities to achieve better light distribution

Die-Cast Aluminium Injection Unit


5 machines starting from 420 tons up to 1250 tons with a total capacity of 3650 tones.

Full automated and robot integrated machines with auto ladler, auto extractor and auto sprayer to ensure  process quality and endurance of the die-cast parts.

By the help of this technology products have extended life time and higher IK rating compared to other housing raw materials.

Foam Gasket Unit


3 units for dynamic sealing, casting and bonding with robots.


Usage of silicon or polyurethane raw materials on the base of application of the luminaire for indoor or outdoor.

Surface Treatment Unit

3 shot-blasting units for die-cast parts to have a better surface and preparation before powder painting unit.

Production Line

Cemdag has the strength of having 5 different production lines, enabling the production of different products at the same time and raising the capacity.

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